After the Stars Fell

After the Stars Fell is a resource gathering and exploration game. The world was hit with a massive meteor shower that pelted the earth and flooded its surface with radiation, driving humans underground. Fortunately, the meteors also brought rare and powerful minerals with it that can be mined out and converted into energy, keeping the human colonies alive. The radiation makes this task difficult, so the colonies have sent out androids to do their work for them. Now, all that roams the earth are the androids.

In After the Stars Fell, players move not only their own androids around the board, but their opponents’ as well; signals tend to get crossed due to all the radiation and interference. The game also bases exploration around a unique mechanic, where the location cards are laid out in a circle and can be exchanged for other cards, changing the layout. Resources are then gathered from the crater locations and can be purified, refined, and exchanged for energy at different types of workshops and factories.

The game design is by Chris Williams and the illustrations are by Derek Benson.