Super Hyper Combo

From every corner of the universe, the Hyper Fighters have emerged…

Inspired by arcade fighting games, Super Hyper Combo lets players control the fierce characters know as the Hyper Fighters. These fighters, from all walks of life, have the ability to harness the power of the Hyper Crystals. However, this power has drawn them to one another and they now engage in epic battles.

Super Hyper Combo is a 2-player card and dice game. Each turn, players will change their stance by rotating and rolling their dice, determining which attack will be used and whether or not it will be blocked. Players will slowly gain Hyper Crystals which can be used to perform unique character abilities, quickly change their stance, and to enter Hyper Mode unleashing their true power. Each of the fighters has a completely different playstyle which you will have to master in order to defeat your opponent.

Game design and Graphic Design by Chris Williams. Character Illustrations by Maristella Nicoletto.